The most effective
    way to protect your

The most
way to
protect your

SmokeCloak fog generators:
the alarm system to deter burglars effectively

To prevent burglaries more and more entrepreneurs choose for the effective solution with SmokeCloak’s fog generators. Its concept is as simple as it is effective. For each shop or warehouse there is a tailor-made fog generator that can be connected to an existing alarm system. As soon as this system detects a burglary the SmokeCloak fog generator fills the room with a dense fog within a few seconds. The results show that burglars mostly choose to take their heels immediately because they do not succeed in finding the eventual loot. Instead of waiting for the alerted security services to come SmokeCloak offers an immediate solution.


The Easy fog generator is the perfect choice for securing small rooms. It is a compact, silent, efficient and budget-friendly device.


Smaller rooms where you store e.g. precious documents do not pose any problem for the VALI 5. The device is equipped with a modern, eye-catching look.


The VALI 10 is extremely attractive for medium-sized shops. Several nozzles spray the fog in all possible directions.


The top model in the VALI range protects large businesses and shops. The software accompanying your device and the Cloaksensor guarantee a total control.


The VALI PRIVATE is appropriate for private houses or working environments requiring silence and tranquility. Its big advantage is its silent operation.

IPX 25

For larger premises, the IPX 25 is pre-eminent above all other appliances. Thanks to this most powerful device, sheds, warehouses and department stores are protected against theft.